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Key Stage 1-2 Geography Resources from the Royal Geographical Society – United States of America and more…

Earlier this year I posted about a series of resources produced by the Royal Geographical Society for Key Stage 3 Geography as part of the Rediscovering London’s Geography project, including a set on Natural Resource which I produced. In addition, … Continue reading

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United Kingdom of McDonalds…..never far from a Big Mac!

A great visualization seen originally on Flowing Data, but created by Stephen von Worley from Data Pointed,  shows a map of the UK according to distance needed to travel to the nearest McDonalds. On the isle of Great Britain, proper … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Heritage Challenge: The Statue of Liberty

I had the chance to visit the Statue of Liberty in Spring 2008 on my first ever trip to New York (and the USA). It’s an imposing sight, recognised by millions around the world. We took a boat to the  … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Hurricanes in US History….before Irene

With the scale of the damage of hurricane Irene still to be assessed, there always comes the question. How much is all the repair and recovery going to cost? At present these are the most expensive hurricanes to have hit … Continue reading

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Mississippi Floods – Open the floodway

Due to the severe flooding experienced from the Mississippi river in Louisiana, the decision has been made to open to Morganza floodway to designed to minimize the risk of catastrophic flooding in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the Army Corps … Continue reading

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Terrible Tornadoes

Recently we have seen the destructive power of yet another type of natural hazard, the tornado in both the USA and New Zealand. April 2011, was one of the most active months for Tornadoes in US history with over 180 … Continue reading

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