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Tintin Geographies from 1991

Looking back over the year there have been so many things I have wanted to spend more time working on – one of them was this idea of Tintin Geographies, which of course was prompted by the release of the … Continue reading

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Tintin Geographies: A glimpse of the past

Tintin, a young Belgian investigative journalist who travels the world and has amazing adventures, is one of the most successful comic book characters ever made. Originally starting off as a weekly installment comic strip in the Belgian newspaper Le Petit … Continue reading

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Tintin Geographies: Global Map

Following initial thoughts, as mentioned in my first post about Tintin geographies, I am in the process of working through the Tintin books, and designing exercises to incorporate them into classroom teaching. But in the meantime I came across a … Continue reading

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Geography with Tintin: Exploration through comics

While watching the BBC’s Tintin’s Adventures with Frank Gardner  which attempts to trace the journey of the first Tintin adventure (available on iplayer at the moment) I began to think about how the books could be used in the classroom. … Continue reading

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