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10 billion vs Population 10 billion

If you want to think more about population issues facing the planet please read the book on the right by Danny Dorling. I bought both after wandering around the bookshop trying to decide between the two. I had read about … Continue reading

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Find out how big the world’s population was when you were born

The UN is set to announce that the world’s population is has reached 7 billion. The BBC has been exploring how this is affecting daily lives: Seven billion and counting. The Guardian has a great tool that can calculate how … Continue reading

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Ever closer to 7 billion….

I came across this World Population Clock from Worldometers after a tip off from a friend on Google+. It’s essentially a countdown to the world reaching 7 billion people, which according to their calculations will be around 31st of October. … Continue reading

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Eat insects for lunch? You must be joking. Apparently not!

The idea for this post was sparked by an article in the Metro which discussed the idea that  because the Department of Health has highlighted that we shouldn’t eat more than 500g of red meat  a week, that we should … Continue reading

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