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Tintin Geographies from 1991

Looking back over the year there have been so many things I have wanted to spend more time working on – one of them was this idea of Tintin Geographies, which of course was prompted by the release of the … Continue reading

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A wealth of maps – Mapping Manchester through time

A quite exciting development from the University of Manchester library this week: “Over 300 historical maps spanning 200 years of Mancunian history have been digitised and published online by The University of Manchester Library. One of the bomb damage maps … Continue reading

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Maps as reality?

This is a bit of longer post than usual, but recently I came across some of my older reflections on maps.  As a geographer, I find them interesting, but also find them problematic in that they are often politically loaded … Continue reading

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Geography strikes back!

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently which I think hints at one of the many ways geography can contribute to a greater understanding of the world: “If you want to know what Russia, China or Iran will … Continue reading

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United Kingdom of McDonalds…..never far from a Big Mac!

A great visualization seen originally on Flowing Data, but created by Stephen von Worley from Data Pointed,  shows a map of the UK according to distance needed to travel to the nearest McDonalds. On the isle of Great Britain, proper … Continue reading

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An alternative view of Europe

The artists at alphadesigners have created a range of unusual maps displaying stereotypes of people from across Europe. The image below displays an alternative map of Europe: A whole range of maps can be viewed on the alphadesigner website here.

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Watching earthquakes around the world. NOW!

I recently came across a website with a real time global seismic monitor map. It’s really interesting to see what levels of tectonic activity are happening around the world at any time. There are also links to a variety of … Continue reading

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Representing Europe: What represents your country?

I have recently been sent a number of resources from the European Commission about various aspects of the European Unions and the countries included within it. There were two which I found particularly interesting. They have produced a poster called … Continue reading

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