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Plate Boundaries: A reminder

I came across this video via the fantastic Geogr@phy blog which a great resource for learning about (or revising) the different types of plate boundaries:

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Find out how big the world’s population was when you were born

The UN is set to announce that the world’s population is has reached 7 billion. The BBC has been exploring how this is affecting daily lives: Seven billion and counting. The Guardian has a great tool that can calculate how … Continue reading

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Incredible view of fire across the earth as viewed from space

Originally viewed on the Wired Science,this video uses a pair of earth monitoring satellites (Terra satellite, launched in 1999, and the Aqua satellite, launched in 2002), NASA has recorded the fires that have occurred across the earth over the past … Continue reading

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Ever closer to 7 billion….

I came across this World Population Clock from Worldometers after a tip off from a friend on Google+. It’s essentially a countdown to the world reaching 7 billion people, which according to their calculations will be around 31st of October. … Continue reading

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Scale: From Earth to Outer Space

The credit for finding this video has to go to the author of Blogstronomy (a great astronomy blog or any of you who are interested in things a little more out of this world),    originally seen in this post: … Continue reading

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The Composition of the Earth: A Summary

The reasons that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place depend on the nature of the earths interior. This post will hopefully outline how the different elements of the earth are arrange, and a bit about the different sections of structure … Continue reading

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