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Geographical Coffee with HSBC

If you’re trying to get my attention with advertising including coffee and some kind of map is usually the best way to do it. HSBC seem to have included both in theirs… Taken today on Oxford Road in Manchester.  

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World Coffee Consumption – The Finnish really like their coffee

World Coffee Consumption – Graphic of the Day. Also, I thought this graph was quite striking. I was surprised that Italy was 3rd but then I guess it can get cold in Finland, maybe they drink lots of coffee to … Continue reading

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Teaching Transnational Corporations – Starbucks

I recently had to introduce the topic of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) to a group of Year 9 students. I decided to use Starbucks as the main example (all the lesson introduces a wealth of other examples). Starbucks is the largest … Continue reading

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A World of Coffee

While passing a few hours before the American Association of Geography conference  in Seattle begins I decided to take the ‘Coffee Crawl’ tour. This tour is run by Seattle by foot. The tour involved walking around downtown Seattle trying out … Continue reading

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