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Top 10 Podcasts for Geography Students

I often get asked by students from secondary school to postgraduates about strategies to gain a broader knowledge of geographical issues, and how to ‘read around the subject’ as they are often instructed to do. Many students cite lack of … Continue reading

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Expanding knowledge using podcasts

In my teaching I’ve often been asked by students how to ‘read around the subject’ and what exactly this means, and whenever we talk through it students often complain they don’t have the time do so. I’ve often talked through … Continue reading

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Megacities: That is ALOT of people!

Having just watched the first episode of the new BBC series ‘Megacities’ I was alerted to fact that there are now 21 places on earth classified as megacities. Megacities are defined on the programme as settlements with a population over … Continue reading

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