My experiences in teaching are varied. I am a trained secondary school teacher , but I have more recently been involved in teaching in university and at educational trusts.

Undergraduate teaching:

  • Year 1:
    • Tutorials: sessions based on different elements of the geography discipline, including research and study skills.
    • Doing Geographical Research: seminars based on examining the key elements of a research project, and lectures based on research experience of postgraduate students. A lecture based on my experiences: Enlightening Interviews: Business, elites and geographical research will be available on the blog in the near future.
    • Researching Manchester: Mentoring groups of students conducting small research projects on different aspects of Manchester designed to introduce a range of research and analysis skills.
  • Year 2:
    • Applying Geography: a course designed to introduce improve a range of student skills including presentation, team work, and employability.
    • Czech Republic field course: a course designed to explore different elements of the Czech Republic. Involves staying in both Prague and Ostrava. Students undertake projects on an aspect of Prague that interests them, while in Ostrava students write a development report based around a recent European Capital of Culture bid.
  • Years 3:
    • Borders and Security: I have led seminars attached to this module designed to explore different concepts of national borders and elements of security within and beyond these borders. Seminars are discussion led, based on pre-assigned reading.
    • Local and Regional Economic Development: I have been module leader for a module designed to explore different elements of local and regional economic development both within the UK context and beyond. The module is comprised of lectures, seminars and assessments have included both examination and coursework based on policy analysis.

Postgraduate teaching:

  • Research Methods  – Case Studies: I have led seminars which explore the case study method.

I am also a co-tutor for Villiers Park Educational Trust where I have designed and delivered a series of courses related to Geography for Gifted and Talented A Levels Students.

  • Geographical Imaginations
    • Course Objectives:
      • To introduce students to the diverse approaches to studying Geography found on university courses.
      • To develop a critical perspective on geographical processes and methodologies.
      • To enhance confidence in communication skills.
    • Field trip to Cambridge: Researching Sustainability in Cambridge
    • Some sessions include: From Darwin to Harvey: Geography through the Ages, Critical Perspectives in Human Geography, The EU from Past to Present, the Changing Face of China, Research Methods in Geography, Careers with Geography.
  • China: Culture, Economy and Beyond
    • Course Objectives:
      • To introduce students to a range of approaches to studying found on university courses, focusing on a variety of aspects of China.
      • To study the development of China from its is ancient civilisation to the modern Republic.
      • To enhance confidence in communication skills through a range of activities which focus on understanding the many influences China has in the world today.
    • Field trip to Cambridge: Engaging with Chinese objects at the Fitzwilliam Museum
    • Sessions include: Changing engagements of China with Africa, A brief history of China, China: An Exploration, China’s Place in the World.
  • Environment and Society: Living with Uncertainty
    • Course Objectives:
      • To consider the source of the global environmental and social problems which the world faces.
      • To review the methods for predicting these problems, and their limitations.
      • To discuss the interlinking and interdisciplinary nature of global, regional and local problems.
      • To reflect on possible solutions and their potential for implementation
    • Field trip to Hockerton Housing Project, a sustainable housing community.
    • Some sessions include: Water and development; Poverty, food security and famine; Urban growth and mega cities.

Some of the materials for these courses can be found on the main pages of this blog. Course outlines and teaching resources are available upon request. Over time I have been involved in various projects producing teaching resources, for exam boards, education trusts, and for a while even for the Royal Geographical Society while I worked as their writer in education resources.

One further element to my teaching interest originates from working in the Widening Participation department at the University of Manchester. This has involved designing and delivering workshops to students from local schools schools who visit the university. These workshops are designed to inspire young learners to continue with their education, and provide an experience of what university can be like. This ranged from workshops with primary school children who had the chance to make their own volcanoes to A Level Discover Geography days. As an advocate of inclusive education, I believe activities to encourage greater participation in education at university to be an important part of my role as an educator.

That’s about it for teaching. I’ve also undertaken a whole range of examining work, and I’m very interested in the different forms of effective assessment (for all educational levels). If you want to know more about the courses I’ve taught or want to discuss any issues related to education or assessment then do please get in touch.

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