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Articles produced at the Royal Geographical Society

  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Smog in China
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Antarctic Glaciers: Pine Island Glacier
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Coastal surges and flooding in the UK: a prompt for more sustainable drainage?
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Ask the Expert: Glaciers
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Ask the Expert: Antarctic Glaciers
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Ask the Expert: ICT and Development
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Disaster in the Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Deep Freeze: The US and the shifting polar vortex

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  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Theories of Development
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) ICTs: A Technological Fix
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Millennium Development Goals 1-4
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Millennium Development Goals 5-8
  • Ferreira, J. (2014) Megacities