Geographies of Employment

This is the area most directly related to my PhD research which focused around different national employment systems, particularly focusing on the temporary staffing industry and the different interactions it has with national and international institutions. This study was focused on the European region with  three case study countries the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Publications related to this project include:

This contributes to the work of the Geographies of  Temporary Staffing Unit at the University of Manchester. At present I have produced a series of working briefs on a few issues which have stemmed from my research.

  • Watts, J. (2012) ‘The Financial Crisis in Europe and Temporary Staffing’.
  • Watts, J. (2011) ‘Developments in Latin America: The Temporary Staffing Industry in Brazil’.
  • Watts, J. (2011) ‘The Italian Temporary Staffing Market’.
  • Watts, J. (2011) ‘China and the Temporary Staffing Industry’.
  • Watts, J. (2011) ‘European Temporary Staffing: The Changing Regulatory Landscape’.
  • Watts, J. (2010) ‘National Temporary Staffing Markets in Europe: Three case studies’. Watts, J. (2010) ‘Varieties of Capitalism’.

All available at:

Areas of interest related to work and employment:

  • The temporary staffing industry and the flexibilisation of employment.
  • Varieties of national employment systems.
  • Flexicurity and employment.
  • Innovation in employment systems.
  • Youth unemployment and strategies to address it.
  • National employment policies and EU employment policy.
  • Regulation of employment.
  • Labour market change.
  • Labour market challenges and responses.

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