Current Projects

As a researcher at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University I am involved in a range of different research projects.

My main research projects include:

  • Spaces of Community which investigates the growth of the cafe industry and its impact on urban areas.
  • Geographies of employment which in particular focuses on the use of temporary agency work, as well as skills and progression in low paid work.
  • MIRRIS (Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems) which examines research and innovation frameworks in the European Union .
  • Local and regional economic development focusing on the activities and impact of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in England.

I am also involved in research in the following areas:

  • Jewellery Industry, in particular about employment in the industry. You can find out more abou this research on the Jewellery SMEs blog.
  • Social Investment, in particular about how this concept has developed and how it takes place in different countries
  • Financial inclusion and data disclosure, focusing on the importance of data disclosure and spatial patterns of lending.

You can read more about the projects being conducted by the research centre here.

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