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Understanding climate change: Climatica

Just a quick post today to highlight a new and important website: Climatica is a new website aimed to bring to the fore issues about climate change. Their project statement: “Climatica is a climate science and public interaction initiative developed … Continue reading

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Geography can take you places: Careers with Geography

Last week I was part of a team leading an ‘Insight to Geography’ day at the University of Manchester for a group of Year 10 Gifted and Talented students. One of the sessions focused on careers with Geography. It was … Continue reading

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Plate Boundaries: A reminder

I came across this video via the fantastic Geogr@phy blog which a great resource for learning about (or revising) the different types of plate boundaries:

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The Most Expensive Hurricanes in US History….before Irene

With the scale of the damage of hurricane Irene still to be assessed, there always comes the question. How much is all the repair and recovery going to cost? At present these are the most expensive hurricanes to have hit … Continue reading

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The Composition of the Earth: A Summary

The reasons that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place depend on the nature of the earths interior. This post will hopefully outline how the different elements of the earth are arrange, and a bit about the different sections of structure … Continue reading

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Even clouds have families

Clouds are grouped into families by altittude. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) classification uses the French term ‘étage’: high étage (3-8km/2-5miles); middle étage (/2-4km1.25-2.5miles); and low étage (surface to 2km/1.25miles). Family Altitude (depending on region) Species Features A (high) 3,048-18,288m … Continue reading

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Terrible Tornadoes

Recently we have seen the destructive power of yet another type of natural hazard, the tornado in both the USA and New Zealand. April 2011, was one of the most active months for Tornadoes in US history with over 180 … Continue reading

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