This blog provides as a portal for me to explore a range of interests. I am currently a researcher at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, however my path to this position has not been linear. I have been involved in various different teaching, education and research positions. As a result this blog has developed in a way that includes material from a range of different areas from interests in geographical exploration, to teaching and assessment strategies, to the development of the cafe industry.

So who am I?…. Dr Jennifer Ferreira

I’m a geographer (primarily, but I’m also a bit of a historian, egyptologist, economist, and philosopher and adventurer).

I ‘m also an educator.

I like learning languages. I have a working knowledge of French plus a basic knowledge of German and Czech. I am currently learning Portuguese and Mandarin.

You can follow me on twitter: @jennywrenwatts

You can find out more about some of my academic publications here:

I have another research blog focusing on my cafe industry research: Cafe Spaces

I like taking photographs, and co-author a photography blog: www.obliqueexposure.wordpress.com

I have a PhD in Economic Geography and have worked in various teaching and geography related jobs but now work at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. If you’re interested more in my career pathway you can view my Linkedin page.

Disclaimer: All views and opinions on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of my employers.

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