Eternal Exploration 2.0


The changing Coventry skyline

It has been sometime since I have posted on the ‘Eternal Exploration’ blog, around a year in fact. I started this blog as a place to share thoughts and activities related to my teaching and learning in geography, both at the school and university level. Since starting the blog I’ve changed jobs (and cities) a number of times (and my surname too). As a consequence the focus of my activities has changed, and while I very much still consider myself a geographer, the focus of my daily activities of work are now very differenet from when I was a PhD student, geography teacher, qualifications manager, or education writer. I am now a researcher in the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, which is a dedicated research centre in the Faculty of Business and Law (Geography now belongs to a different Faculty).

Yorks Birmingham Espresso.jpgI set my self the task at the beginning of this year to try and bring together some of my different teaching and research blogs into something more central which I could put to more use. I considered a new website, but in the end decided that what I needed to do was to do a little bit of re-organising on this blog, and once again act as a portal for writing about things that I’m doing, I’m interested in, or that I think would be useful to share, to more accurately reflect what I do now. And so this post is really me noting to myself (and anyone who happens to read this blog) that this is why the blog is now taking a bit of a different shape. I’ve often had idea for blog posts about some of my research and teaching activities which I wouldn’t previously have written about on here. So, in addition to writing about my geography teaching and learning activities that I’m still involved in, the blog will now take a broader focus to consider issues around research in the social sciences, and act as a platform to try and highlight some of the research areas I am working on.

I should perhaps add that blog posts at present may not be that frequent as I am currently on maternity leave, and very much enjoying the time with my 3 month old daughter. If there was a qualification in nursery rhymes, I’m pretty sure I could pass it! Having a child has led me to look at the world through fresh eyes. I travel to places that I’ve been to a hundred times before, and I’m excited that she gets to see these places for the first time, particularly as she’s becoming more aware of her surroundings. It’s also provided me with a bit of time to think, about what I want to do with my research and teaching in the future, and where I want to focus my energy during work time.


Hopefully through this blog you’ll be able to see a bit of how this journey pans out. So, that’s it for now, a bit more of a personal blog post than usual – there’ll be more from my ‘explorations’ soon.

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