Key Stage 1-2 Geography Resources from the Royal Geographical Society – United States of America and more…

Earlier this year I posted about a series of resources produced by the Royal Geographical Society for Key Stage 3 Geography as part of the Rediscovering London’s Geography project, including a set on Natural Resource which I produced. In addition, there are also a series of resources for Key Stage 1-2 Geography as well.

There are sets of resources available covering topics which include:

For the set of resources on the United States of America which I produced:

RGS USA resources

“The aim of this unit is to introduce pupils to the key features of the United States of America (USA). It provides a framework for understanding the different environments present within the USA: the key physical features, where populations are distributed, and some of the interactions between the human and physical environments focusing on food, farming and water. The unit provides a number of case studies of different places throughout the USA, and even takes a historical perspective of one city in particular, New York, to examine how a settlement can develop over time.”

The unit contains lessons 6 lessons and an assessment:

United States of America – An exploration: This lesson introduces pupils to the country USA, focusing on key human and physical features. This lesson familiarises pupils with the region and its varied geographies

Canyons and valleys: physical landscape: This lesson now moves on to consider the USA in closer detail.  The aim of this lesson is to build on the pupils’ understanding of the physical. They will begin the lesson by watching a time lapse video to move through different landscapes and then move on to examine how the Grand Canyon formed.

Where are all the people? This lesson focuses on the distribution of human beings in the USA and provides insights into the different types of settlements across the country. This lesson involves pupils comparing the demographic characteristics of different states in the USA.

Challenged by water: This lesson considers key interactions between physical and human landscapes, in particular the impact of water supply distributed across the country and what happens during water related disaster events.

Food and farming: Pupils are introduced to the different foods associated with the USA, and agricultural products grown there. In particular it encourages pupils to think about the different factors that can affect farming in the USA

New York through time: This lesson focuses on exploring the development of New York City through time, with clear cross-curricular links with history

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