Key Stages 3 Geography Resources from the Royal Geographical Society – Natural Resources, Russia, Mapping London and more…

If you teach Key Stage 3 Geography – or have an interest in the topics that are being taught at this level you may be interested in a new suite of teaching resources that are being developed by the Royal Geographical Society as part of the Rediscovering London’s Geography project. Royal Geographical Society Key Stage 3 Resources

There are already some great sets of resources available covering topics including:

In addition the unit I produced on Natural Resources was also recently added to the website.

Natural Resources Royal Geographical Society

“This aim of this module is to introduce students to the global distribution of natural resources, and the international relationships that these resources generate, and some fo the key issues related to the use of natural resources. It also provides a framework for understanding the relative importance of different types of natural resources for human activity.”

The unit contains lessons 6 lessons and an assessment:

  • Natural Wonders of the World: this lesson introduces the key natural resources found on the planet, their distribution and value.
  • Unearthing Black Gold: this lesson provides an overview of where oil comes from, where it can be found and how important it is for daily life as well as raising awareness of declining supply.
  • Minerals on the Market: this lesson explores issues related to commodity markets introducing the idea that natural resources are extremely valuable and that there are a complex series of international interrelationships based on these resources.
  • Dragons in Africa:  this lesson  will help you explore where Chinese investments are taking place in Africa and the different sectors they are investing in.
  • A World of Rubbish: this lesson will focus around tracing what happens to different types of rubbish, where rubbish is transported to be sorted and recycled and the ways in which different countries are involved.
  • Digging Up the Earth: this lesson begins by exploring diamonds as a natural resource before moving on to look at rare earths.
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