Considering Global Food and Water Security

This week at Villiers Park Education Trust as part of the Geographical Imaginations course I’ve been discussing with students the complex nature of food and water security. Students had completed some reading before the session in order to aid discussion:

One Billion Hungry

UN Water Policy Brief

UN Water Security

To begin the session the class listened to the BBC Business Daily podcast: World Water Crisis with the task of identifying any key issues related to global water security.

”Some experts predict a 55% increase in global water demand by 2050, and yet supply is already stretched as global warming affects rainfall in many countries. We hear from Jan Eliasson, the UN deputy secretary general and Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s Environment and Water Minister. We speak to businesses, including beer maker SAB Miller, the global agricultural supplier Syngenta, and Ecolab a water reprocessing company. All of these companies are seeking out systems and solutions to tackle a growing water crisis. And, we go to Delhi and to the South Omo region of southern Ethiopia to hear from people already suffering, as their water becomes ever more scarce.” Source: BBC

The session then continued with a discussion of the pre-course reading and podcast content which highlighted the inter-related and highly complex nature of global water and food security. I’ve completed a recent session on the same topic but with a short lecture at the beginning. The slides and notes for this session can be found here.

If you are looking for more activities related to water security. I devised a policy brief group task which can be downloaded here: UN Policy Brief Challenge.

The session essentially challenged students to think about some of the key global issues that face today’s societies – food and water security.

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