A new podcasting platform for PhD and early career researchers in the social sciences

I have written before about how useful I find podcasts for teaching and for broadening your geographical mind, and more recently I have discovered a new website which hosts podcasts from PhD and early career researchers: Viva Voce Podcasts.

VivevocepodcastsThis website acts as a platform for researchers in the social sciences to present podcasts up to 4 minutes long about their research project. Updated frequently this is an excellent portal to find out about research projects recently completed or being carried out now.

Some podcasts currently on the website include:

There’s even a podcast by yours truly about the temporary staffing industry in Europe.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 17.43.49The website covers a range of subjects within the social sciences: anthropology, economics, education, geography, history, international development, linguistics, philosophy, politics,  sociology, and urban planning.

  • For secondary school students it’s a useful resource to find out about a whole host of areas of different research across the social sciences.
  • For undergraduate and postgraduate researchers it’s useful to find out about different ways of doing research – topics, methods, approaches and theories.
  • For researchers and anyone with an interest in what’s happening in the world its useful to find out about a plethora of different up to date research projects, and new researchers too.

So to find out more about up-to-date research, check out VivaVocePodcasts.

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