Broadening your geographical mind

In the past I have written about how podcasts are a great way for students to explore other areas of geography. This post is really an update with another suggestion along similar lines.

I’ve recently discovered the London School of Economics (LSE) Public lecture series. The LSE has a very active public lecture programme which covers a whole range of issues relevant to geographers. While it may not be practical for students to attend a lecture in London, many are made available online both in audio and video format, and some even have transcriptions. It’s a great opportunity for students to explore their subject, learn about different areas they perhaps haven’t covered, and introduce them to current debates in the field.

Some of the most recent events:
The Next Global Development Agenda: from aspiration to delivery – Helen Clark – Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and current administrator of the United Nations Development Programme.

The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century – a series of panel discussions

From Empire to Republic: China’s struggle with modernity? -Isabel Hilton

I would highly recommend keeping an eye on future events, or subscribing to their podcasts, they have a very good line up for the coming months.

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