Geographical Heroes: Do you have any?

So, with a little more time to spare to my own geographical interests I am going to be reviving the Geographical Heroes series which I started on this blog some time ago.

This began as an inspiration from a history magazine where each month an introduction was provided about individuals considered to be ‘history heroes’ by different people. This made me think about the potential for ‘geographical heroes’. I had intended this to be a mix of geographers from all time periods, however at present it has been largely focused on the early explorers, with a couple of exceptions:

Geographical Heroes: Ernest Shackleton
Geographical Heroes: Vasco de Gama
Geographical Heroes: Mary Kingsley
Geographical Heroes: Alexander von Humboldt
Geographical Heroes: Hugh Clapperton
Geographical Heroes: Sarah Outen
Geographical Heroes: John Hanning Speke
Geographical Heroes: Richard Francis Burton
Geographical Heroes: David Livingstone
Geographical Heroes: John Hemming
Geographical Heroes: Henry Morton Stanley

In the future I will be publishing a regular post on a different geographical hero with a mix of the historical and contemporary. Now my idea of a geographical hero will be affected by the places that I have studied, the lecturers I have had the opportunity to work with, and the books/journals I have read. Posts coming soon will be about David Harvey, Peter Dicken and Doreen Massey.

I would really love to hear from other people: which geographers – or people who have contributed to geographical understanding – have inspired you, or should be considered ‘heroes’? I will try to write posts on the suggested heroes too!



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