Unesco World Heritage Site challenge: Historic Centre of Évora

The city of Évora, capital of the Alentejo Province lies around 150km south east of Lisbon and is an excellent example of a city from the golden age of Portugal after the destruction of Lisbon by the earthquake of 1755. It has been termed by some as a ‘museum city’ in that there are monuments (and remains of monuments) dotted around the city, surrounded by fortified walls.

Historic centre ÉvoraUnder Roman occupation, Evora was a city of great importance and this is clear when visiting due to wealth of Roman remains in the city, the most prominent of which is the Temple of Diana seen in the photographs below. Historic Centre ÉvoraUnesco Évora

Unesco Évora

Uensco ÉvoraYou can find out more about the Historic centre of Évora on the Unesco website here, and can view a video showing more views of Évora here.

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