Tintin Geographies from 1991

Looking back over the year there have been so many things I have wanted to spend more time working on – one of them was this idea of Tintin Geographies, which of course was prompted by the release of the animated film released in 2011. While trying to sort a few things out in the house – I uncovered an old issue of Geographical which has already provided a pretty good overview of the geographical contribution of Tintin.


In case you missed the Tintin posts earlier from last year:

At some point I will get around to finalising some teaching resources that incorporate the Tintin comics.

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2 Responses to Tintin Geographies from 1991

  1. Clare says:

    Well please do. I’m homeschooling my son and we’ve been working through the Geography of Tintin for a little while before I came across your blog. Would love to see your ideas.

    • I’ve got a little sidetracked with other things, but it is still on my to do list. I’ve got all the comics ready and waiting. There’ll be posts on here when I get around to it. What kind’s of things have you been doing so far?

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