Reflecting on Growth: Growing up in China and the Super-rich

I’ve recently discovered a number of films on the Al Jazeera website based on the growth of China.

First, a film by Bruno Sorrentino focuses on Kay Kay the Girl from Guangzhou.

“Kay Kay is the face of modern day China – a bright, educated and ambitious 20 year old living in the southern city of Guangzhou. She represented a new generation of middle class Chinese  ‘only’ children, benefitting from China’s economic growth as well as the single-minded dedication of her factory worker parents. This unique film has folowed her for her whole life, filmign her and fer family every year since birth in 1992. It gives a rare, personal narrative to the decades of transformation that China has undergone. From her childhood and school days through to her uiversity life where she struggles to get to grips with China’s economic imperatives in the face of environmental issues.” Source: Al Jazeera

The video is about 45 minutes long and charts her life in China, and it gives an interesting insight into what it’s like to have grown up in China.

Second, a 25 minute film, The KaChing! Dynasty, which focuses on the growth of the super-rich in China.

“From building 30-storey towers in just 14 days, to amassing a luxury fleet of sports cars or a private jet – China’s million millionaires and 600 billionaires are helping to change the country’s landscape.” Source: Al Jazeera

Reflecting on the last 10 years of growth, the Guardian has produced an interactive diagram of the different facets of change in this country – China: Snapshot of a Decade. The growth and transformation of China is staggering, it has changed so much even in my lifetime, and the prospects of how China could be in the future is fascinating.

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