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Urban Growth and Megacities

Today’s post contains more materials from my recent Environment and Society course. The course has a mixture of different teaching methods to try and introduce students to university learning. For the session on urban growth and mega-cities we started with … Continue reading

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Getting the theory across: Critical perspectives in Human Geography

I have mentioned before a course I teach called ‘Geographical Imaginations’, it aims to introduce A Level students to university learning but also to introduce them to some of the different aspects of the subject which they may not know … Continue reading

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Water: A Policy Brief Challenge

On a course I have recently taught on Environment and Society one session focused on water and the associated problems related to its use and distribution. This lecture and exercise focuses on exploring different water management issues,  with one example … Continue reading

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Maps as reality?

This is a bit of longer post than usual, but recently I came across some of my older reflections on maps.  As a geographer, I find them interesting, but also find them problematic in that they are often politically loaded … Continue reading

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Learning about China through film

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but given today the new leaders of China have been announced it seemed more apt. When I last taught my course on China I was asked by a student if … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Growth: Growing up in China and the Super-rich

I’ve recently discovered a number of films on the Al Jazeera website based on the growth of China. First, a film by Bruno Sorrentino focuses on Kay Kay the Girl from Guangzhou. “Kay Kay is the face of modern day … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Heritage Challenge: Maritime Greenwich

A recent trip to London allowed me to tick off Maritime Greenwich off the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site List. I’ve been to London hundreds of time for work and leisure, but I’ve never made it over to this … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Heritage Site Challenge: Alto Douro Wine Region

Back in April I visited the Wine Region, an area of northern Portugal which has been producing wine for over 2000 years, inscribed as a UNESCO site in 2001. This long tradition of viticulture has produced a cultural landscape of … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Heritage Site Challenge: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Last month I had the chance to visit Kew Gardens has been officially considered a heritage site since 2003 due to its outstanding universal value. “Since their creation in 1759, the gardens have made a significant and uninterrupted contribution to … Continue reading

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