Twitter for Geography Teachers and Students: GA Conference

Today I presented some ideas about the uses of Twitter for Geography teachers and students at the Geographical Association Annual Conference held this year at the University of Manchester.

The slides from the presentation are shown below:

The main point I wanted people to take from the presentation was that Twitter can be, if used successfully, used to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) as well as an incredible collaborative tool to link up Geographers (and non-Geographers) from all over the world. I’ll write a more reflective blog post on the ideas from the presentation in the near future.

Do get in touch via the comments here if you want more information, or add me on twitter: @jennywrenwatts

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2 Responses to Twitter for Geography Teachers and Students: GA Conference

  1. I look forward to reading your presentation. Twitter is so. Useful, I spent Wed. 11/4 online following tweets from SE Asia as I tracked the effects of the 8.9 earthquake that. Luckily did not trigger another large tsunami in the region like 2004..

  2. Ah yes I mentioned the earthquakes and tsunami warnings and how it was possible to follow peoples’ experiences on Twitter. Thankfully no large tsunamis his time. Hope the presentation is useful.

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