UNESCO World Heritage Challenge: Historic Centre of Rome

Rome, the centre of the Roman Empire, and the capital of the Christian world since the 4th century. The historic centre of the city was given world heritage status in 1980, and extended in 1990. Rome is full of ancient monuments including the Colosseum, Roman forum, ancient markets, and Roman baths, and everywhere you walk you find yourself passing another monument (or more frequently the remains of one). One of the best views of the entire city can be seen from the Vittoriano, a monument built to honour the first kind of unified Italy. The picture below was taken from the top viewing floor, looking towards the Vatican City.

Some of the highlights include the Colosseum and Roman Forum:

Colosseum from afar

Colosseum up close

The Colosseum in Rome was the largest amphitheatre to built in the Roman empire. Construction began under Emperor Vespasian in 72AD and was completed in 80AD under Emperor Titus. ‘The amphitheatre and its associated shows are the quintessential symbols of Roman culture’ (BBC, 2009).

The Pantheon:

A temple to all the gods of Rome, the Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa in 27BC, and rebuilt by Hadrian in 126AD.

The Trevi fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world.

Trevi fountain

These are just a few of the sites that are included in the ‘Historic Centre of Rome’ and further blog posts will appear detailing more them in the future. There will also be a separate blog post on the Vatican and the Holy See.

A good video produced by the World of Travel provides a quick tour of some of the key monuments that make up this World Heritage site:

More information about the historic centre of Rome UNESCO world heritage site can be found here.

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3 Responses to UNESCO World Heritage Challenge: Historic Centre of Rome

  1. Louise says:

    Great shots – looks like you had good weather too. If I visit Rome, with all its history, I’m not sure I’d really believe I was there!! I’d probably run around touching everything and shouting WOW!!

  2. Thanks. It does feel a bit like that when you’re there, everywhere you look there is some other famous site. It’s a great city.

  3. ohh Rome as famous as it was heard in the words of people

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