Identity: From Europe to You

Back in March I wrote a post about some resources produced by the European Commission, a poster entitled ‘United in Diversity’, and a booklet with images for each country in Europe. The images show a map of Europe/each country with a number of key landmarks and objects which are typically found in each country.

An accurate representation of the UK?I began to think about how I could use these in the classroom and I have developed some initial ideas into an identity workshop. First students have to think about what they think represents their country, followed by an examination of some of the images produced by the EC. Then moving down a spatial scale the students begin to think about what represents their town/city/region and create their own map. The workshop then moves from the spatial to the personal. What objects/landmarks/concepts represent the students, and these ideas can be drawn/written on a paper outline of a human figure.

  • You can download an outline to the workshop on the link here: Identity and You.
  • The United in Diversity booklet, poster and key can be downloaded from the EC website here. However, I have transferred the images of the country maps to a document so individual cards for countries can be printed out on A4 as needed: Diversity in Europe Country Cards.

What represents your country/region/county/city/town/village/community/household?

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