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Identity: From Europe to You

Back in March I wrote a post about some resources produced by the European Commission, a poster entitled ‘United in Diversity’, and a booklet with images for each country in Europe. The images show a map of Europe/each country with … Continue reading

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What your favourite map projection says about you

Came across this little comic originally from the xkcd webcomic. Their site has quite a few geography related comics including The World According to Americans and the Map of Online Communities for example.  If you have a few spare minutes … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Heritage Challenge: Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City

I had the fortunate opportunity of living in the city of Liverpool for seven years so this will probably always be my most visited UNESCO site. Having this incredible architectural sight on my doorstep meant I had plenty of opportunities … Continue reading

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Tintin Geographies: A glimpse of the past

Tintin, a young Belgian investigative journalist who travels the world and has amazing adventures, is one of the most successful comic book characters ever made. Originally starting off as a weekly installment comic strip in the Belgian newspaper Le Petit … Continue reading

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Tintin Geographies: Global Map

Following initial thoughts, as mentioned in my first post about Tintin geographies, I am in the process of working through the Tintin books, and designing exercises to incorporate them into classroom teaching. But in the meantime I came across a … Continue reading

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Geography with Tintin: Exploration through comics

While watching the BBC’s Tintin’s Adventures with Frank Gardner  which attempts to trace the journey of the first Tintin adventure (available on iplayer at the moment) I began to think about how the books could be used in the classroom. … Continue reading

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