Volcano Bingo

Having recently finished off a starter activity for a Volcanoes workshop I thought I would share the resources here in case anyone found them of use.

Students are given the Volcano Bingo worksheet, see below which has a number of features or characteristics that they are to link to a named volcano. These include: Which volcano erupted in 1980? Which volcano is located in Iceland? Which volcano has a Plinian eruption? And many more… Then there are a selection of volcano profiles which can be put up around the room. Students then have the task of trying to uncover details from the profiles to complete their Bingo sheet.

The Volcano Bingo worksheet can be downloaded here:

The profiles look a bit like this:

The whole set of profiles can be downloaded here:

Alternatively, if you don’t have room in your classroom to have all the profiles up, and the students moving around, you can always use the volcano profiles as posters.

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