Exploring Toyko. An Inside View

Just a quick post to highlight a blog I have been reading for a while which I feel deserves its own mention. I discovered this blog just after the earthquake with a link from Google showing images from within the city soon after the earthquake occurred.

The home page for the blog http://www.shoottoyko.com

I have been hooked on ShootTokyo since with frequent blog posts of fascinating images from in and around Tokyo (and elsewhere the authors goes on his travels). The blog is a fantastic insight into life in Tokyo. The author, Dave Powell is a photographer who lives and works in Tokyo, he posts pictures of thing he sees in his daily life, giving a somewhat alternative (and in my mind a much more interesting) view of Tokyo. I have an interest in photography, and so content aside the photographs on this site are fantastic, well shot and so varied in style and composition.

For anyone with an interest in Tokyo, or Japan or photography in general I would highly recommend you take a look at the blog.

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