China in Africa

Any study of China and its relationships with other areas of the world should definately include a focus on the operations of China in Africa.

This was the topic of a recent session on a course dedicated to the study of China, see presentation below.

One of the leading portals of information on the relationship between China and Africa can be found here:

A blog by Deborah Brautigam, a Professor at American University’s International Development Program in the School of International Service which accompany’s (and indeed follows on from) her book, The Dragons Gift, which I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in China, Africa or International Relations. I particularly like ‘Chapter 11: rogue Donor? Myths and Realities’ which discusses a selection of myths and realities about the activities of China in Africa ranging from ‘Chinese Aid: It’s all about Oil/Minerals/Resources’ to ‘China hurts efforts to strengthen Democracy and Human Rights in Africa’.

The issues discussed in the book are introduced by Deborah herself in the video below:

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