So, I have been absent from the online world for a while for several reasons, mainly that I have had a bit of an insane workload and a generally chaotic life. Now things are slowing down a little I am hoping to fit in a bit of reading over the summer. I already have a very large pile of non-fiction and fiction books piling up but I was very pleased to find that the Geographical Association have produced a Summer Reading list which has provided a perfect excuse to make another order with Amazon.

As a child, in the summer holiday I would often complete various summer reading challenges, provided either by school, or the local library. I used to feel very satisfied at the end of summer when I would see the list/pile of books that I had read. So, I decided this summer I am going to do my own reading challenge. Now realistically, I still have a lot of work to do over the summer, and the type of books I read now are significantly more lengthy so I am not going to set myself an unrealistic targets, other than to try and read at least one book a week. I will post a short review of the books I read on here.

I have a bit of a bad habit of starting a book, reading a few chapters, and then starting another book as I get distracted, or interested in something else.  I am currently reading China Shakes the World: the Rise of a Hungry Nation by James Kynge and Germania by Simon Winder (both pictured below), and before I start any other books I will finish reading these.

China Shakes the World


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