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Geographical Heroes: Alexander Von Humboldt

Alexander Von Humboldt stated “Everything is interconnected”. The work of Humboldt has been praised across the globe and is one of the most important scientists and geographers of the 19th Century. Humboldt’s travels in  South America provided him with material … Continue reading

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China in Africa

Any study of China and its relationships with other areas of the world should definately include a focus on the operations of China in Africa. This was the topic of a recent session on a course dedicated to the study … Continue reading

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Geography: A History

For an upcoming course I’m teaching for G&T students on a variety of aspects of geography, I will providing an introduction to the history of geography, and how the discipline has evolved to become what it is today. The PowerPoint … Continue reading

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A Brief History of China…or Chinese History in 45 minutes

I recently taught a week-long residential course for Gifted and Talented Students on the topic of China. The course covered a variety of aspects of Chinese, culture, economics, history, and geography. One of the first sessions provided a broad overview … Continue reading

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So, I have been absent from the online world for a while for several reasons, mainly that I have had a bit of an insane workload and a generally chaotic life. Now things are slowing down a little I am … Continue reading

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