Megacities: That is ALOT of people!

Having just watched the first episode of the new BBC series ‘Megacities’ I was alerted to fact that there are now 21 places on earth classified as megacities. Megacities are defined on the programme as settlements with a population over 10 million. Andrew Marr begins by identifying the 21 megacities on a map of the world before moving on to look at Shanghai, Dhaka and London in more detail, with other cities to be explore in future episodes.

There are different classifications of megacities and therefore the list of cities changes. Based on data from April 2011 there are 27 megacities listed:

1 . Tokyo:  34,200,000 people
2 Guangzhou:  24,900,000 people
3 Seoul: 24,500,000 people
4 Delhi: 23,900,000 people
5 Mumbai  23,300,000 people
6 Mexico City:  22,800,000 people
7 New York City:  22,200,000 people
8 São Paulo:  20,800,000 people
9 Manila:  20,100,000 people
10 Shanghai: 18,800,000 people
11 Jakarta:  18,700,000 people
12 Los Angeles: 17,900,000 people
13 Karachi:  16,900,000 people
14 Osaka: 16,800,000 people
15 Kolkata: 16,600,000 people
16 Cairo: 15,300,000 people
17 Buenos Aires: 14,800,000 people
18 Moscow:  14,800,000 people
19 Dhaka Bangladesh Bangladesh Asia 14,000,000 people
20 Beijing People’s Republic of China China Asia 13,900,000 peopel
21 Tehran Iran Iran Asia 13,100,000 people

22 Istanbul 13,000,000 people

23 London 12,500,000 people

24 Rio de Janeiro, 12,500,000 people

25 Lagos: 12,100,000 people

26 Kinshasa: 11,094,000 people

27: Paris: 10,197,000 people

These figures are estimated as understandably in many of these places it is near impossible to measure the exact number of people. The sheer scale of many of these places is almost incomprehensible…but interesting all the same. If you missed the programme it will be available on BBC iplayer for the next week here


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