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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Challenge: Foz Côa Valley and Cave Art

The rock paintings of the Foz Côa valley, a UNESCO heritage site, is the largest open-air collection of Paleolithic art (dating from 29,000 to 20,000 years ago) in Europe. About five dozens art specimens are spread along the last 17 … Continue reading

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The Composition of the Earth: A Summary

The reasons that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place depend on the nature of the earths interior. This post will hopefully outline how the different elements of the earth are arrange, and a bit about the different sections of structure … Continue reading

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Important Earthquakes: 1800-1990

In the next installment of important earthquakes listed below are some of the more well known earthquakes for this time period. 1990 to present day important earthquakes will follow in a future post. Date Magnitude Location Estimated Deaths 1822 5th … Continue reading

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Important Earthquakes: 470BC-1800 AD

A list of some of the most important earthquakes 470BC-1800AD. Those after 1800 will follow in further blog posts. Date  Site Estimated Deaths 464 BC Sparta, Greece 20,000 AD 342 Antioch, Turkey 40,000 565 Antioch, Turkey 30,000 856 December Corinth, … Continue reading

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A Guide to Human Geography

As part of  a G&T residential course for Geography students, I taught one session on some of the key aspects of human geography: A few of the best books to introduce students to the ideas of human geography I would … Continue reading

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Beijing: An Exploration

Since the days of Kublai Kahn and the Mongol Yuan dynasty, Beijing (meaning ‘northern capital’, once called Peking) has been the capital of China. Best known for its historic sites such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden city and Summer Palace, … Continue reading

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World Coffee Consumption – The Finnish really like their coffee

World Coffee Consumption – Graphic of the Day. Also, I thought this graph was quite striking. I was surprised that Italy was 3rd but then I guess it can get cold in Finland, maybe they drink lots of coffee to … Continue reading

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Megacities: That is ALOT of people!

Having just watched the first episode of the new BBC series ‘Megacities’ I was alerted to fact that there are now 21 places on earth classified as megacities. Megacities are defined on the programme as settlements with a population over … Continue reading

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Tagxedo: A new way to play with words

I discovered a new website today: It’s a bit like wordle that allows you show lots of key word in a pretty kind of diagram, the difference with tagxedo is that you can manipulate them into shapes. Two quick … Continue reading

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