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Klondike Gold Rush

On wandering around Seattle I came across Klondike Gold Rush Museum which charted the history of the Klondike Gold Rush International Historical Park and . The Klondike gold rush changed the northern regions of the North American forever. Thousands of … Continue reading

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UP: A Film review through a geographers lens

‘Up’ is a refreshing children’s animation film that not only addresses issues aimed at a young persons perspective, it looks at the bigger picture of how change occurs around everyone as they age though life on planet Earth. Beginning with … Continue reading

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Incredible exploration of the caves beneath

Over the weekend I had the chance to sit and watch the new film by James Cameron, Sanctum. It’s the story of a group of cave explorers who get stranded deep in a cave system. The film follows the efforts … Continue reading

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Essay writing…some guidance

Now this post isn’t necessarily geography related but is more concerned with the particular skill of essay writing (which many geographers have to master). A recent article in the Guardian ‘Essay writing trips ups students‘ highlights that one of the … Continue reading

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Geographical Heroes: Vasco da Gama

Next in the series of geographical heroes I am going to introduce the extraordinary voyages of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama (1460-1524). This man was one of the most successful explorers from the Age of Discovery (the period in … Continue reading

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Are you human? Does it matter?

Are you human or physical? A question posed to many geographers on a frequent basis, particularly when in an academic/conference setting. While I think this classification is useful, as there are clearly some different skills employed in each, I think … Continue reading

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A World of Coffee

While passing a few hours before the American Association of Geography conference  in Seattle begins I decided to take the ‘Coffee Crawl’ tour. This tour is run by Seattle by foot. The tour involved walking around downtown Seattle trying out … Continue reading

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