Welcome to my world

Hello world. I have given in and decided to start a blog. Not just any blog, a Jenny blog. Mainly because I find there are so many things I see/hear/read, or things I am trying to learn about that I often forget and they get lost into the pit of lost knowledge (a very deep pit in my case). I have decided that this will be my solution. To document things that interest me, ideas I have, or just topics I want to write about. I hope that it may be of use to someone, somewhere. I’m a geographer at heart, and so there will be a tendency for geographical topics to dominate at times, but I do have other interests, and a life, and they may appear here also.

Note: this blog is intended to include the more sensible things I want to write about. For the less sensible, and generally opinionated ideas and musings, please see my other blog recently set up with a like-minded other:


Until the next post. Have a fun filled day!

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2 Responses to Welcome to my world

  1. Jeni Jenkins says:

    Looking forward to hearing some geographical reflections 🙂 Please note that I would like this blog to focus also on your awesome baking activities. More courgette cake, please.

  2. I will indeed document some of the baking activities. Have you ever made courgette cake? I was surprised at how good it tasted. I need a new challenge for baking! Like the look of your blog too!

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